Mars Landing In Chelsea / by Taylor Wade

You may have heard that after a successful 10-year run in Soho, Peter Mars was signed by the very prestigious Taglialatella Galleries based in Chelsea NYC, Paris, and Palm Beach.

Taglialatella Galleries has been a major force in the global art market, building distinguished collections worldwide for nearly four decades.

With locations in New York, Palm Beach, and Paris, the gallery showcases exhibitions for innumerable artists including, but not limited to, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Hirst, Haring, Mr. Brainwash, Frankenthaler, Katz, Young, Basquiat, Swoon, Calder, Banksy, Mars, and Wesselmann. 

In addition to their specialization in Street Art, Taglialatella Galleries concentrates on 21st century Contemporary Masters, with a focus on the Pop Movement: Taglialatella is one of the most influential dealers of Andy Warhol artworks to date.


                                               Peter Mars with Taglialatella’s President and Director of Sales Brian Swarts


Gallery founder Dominic J. Taglialatella has been a major force in the global art community for nearly four decades starting in 1978 in Lambertville, New Jersey and then opening on Madison Avenue in New York City in 1981. In 1993, the gallery hosted an exhibition of Dutch period work by Van Gogh and in 1995 Taglialatella became an advisor to the board of the CoBrA Museum in the Netherlands. In 2000, the gallery began focusing on Pop Art showing works by Warhol, Haring and Wesselmann and quickly became one of the most important Warhol dealers worldwide. 


ARTISTS - Taglialatella Gallery 



In 2001, Taglialatella Gallery opened a 4000 sq. ft. ground level space in the heart of Chelsea. Today that space serves as the headquarters and focuses on international Modern and Contemporary masters with an emphasis on the American Pop Art Movement. 



Recognizing that an increasing number of clientele wintered in Palm Beach, Taglialatella Galleries opened a two-level gallery space in the historic Via Bice just off world famous Worth Avenue in 2008. 



In the autumn of 2010, Taglialatella Galleries launched its first European gallery in Paris, France. Working in association with Nadegé Buffe, the opening of the two-level gallery in the revitalized Marais district featured American Pop Art and was a media sensation.


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